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B&A: This Floral Designer’s NYC Apartment Feels Like a Sun-Kissed Garden

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As a floral designer with her own business creating gorgeous arrangements and installations, Rachel Clark loves to let her decor speak for itself. She’s tended to keep the walls of her New York apartment neutral so that her flowers and knick-knacks can shine. But lately, those white walls were feeling a bit boring.

“I love cool, neutral tones with fun accents, organized clutter, and a mix of vintage and modern pieces,” Rachel says. “I was always hesitant to paint my walls in fear of making the space feel smaller.”

But with the right color, the opposite will happen! Designer and visual artist Sara Weissler recommended Icy Morn 457 by Benjamin Moore. This light, vegetal blue-green has a cool gray cast that fits Rachel’s aesthetic. It’s enough color to add visual interest but doesn’t dominate the decor — and it looks amazing in the apartment’s lush natural light.

“Since Icy Morn is bright, it won’t absorb all the natural light and make the room feel dull,” Sara says. “This shade of green also complements the furniture and helps the monochromatic art above her sofa really pop.”

The front door, originally a heavy industrial green, got a coat of Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore, a classic and cottony white. “The green door was the most saturated color in the room, drawing the viewer’s eye right to it,” Sara says.

“Painting the door white takes the focus away from the door and allows Rachel’s vintage pieces, curved furniture, and art collection to shine.”

Rachel gets the usual scuffs we all experience from her couch and dining table bumping up against the walls. (Think we’re exaggerating? Go look behind yours…) Plus, because of her floral projects, she’s often lugging in huge boxes and moving things around to accommodate her work. Which lead to — you guessed it — more scuffs.

Says Rachel: “I was looking for a durable paint that not only created an even color but could also stand up against all the labors of love created in my home studio space.”

Now, Rachel loves her apartment’s natural light and welcoming glow even more. “How suiting: a sage green to complement my love of nature, while adding a hint of warmth, all while still reading as a neutral,” she says.

“This color has amplified the vibe of my apartment — and as a true Taurus, I am a lover of home comfort.”

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