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Lazy Day: Sofa Date Must-Haves for a Cozy Night In

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Going out is fun, but staying in is divine. No reservations? Wonderful. Soft pants? Yes, please. We at Apartment Therapy think that doing nothing is underrated, which is why we’re celebrating our right to relax in honor of National Lazy Day. (It’s officially August 10, but really, it’s as often as you want it to be.) And here’s a secret: relaxed, restorative nights in can feel just as special as nights out.

That’s a vibe that La-Z-Boy® understands. Long known for their ultra cozy, super plush armchairs and sofas, they understand that comfortable furniture is more than just a place to sit: It’s a place to recharge our bodies and minds. And we all deserve that.

Over the years, Apartment Therapy Lifestyle Director Charli Penn and her husband have perfected what they call sofa dates: all of the sparkle and romance of a night out, with none of the traffic or crowds. “Making time for romance in our busy lives isn’t easy to pull off, and when we do, we’re often a little too tired to even want to ‘go out’ and make a fuss,” Charli says. “That’s why we invented sofa dates: romantic quality time that doesn’t involve leaving our living room.”

Think champagne, fancy takeout, and sparkling conversation. “We’ve called it many things — camping out in our living room or sofa romancing — but the point is always the same: Make doing absolutely nothing together feel like absolutely everything!” Here’s how Charli achieves peak sofa date vibes.

The most important aspect of a good sofa date is right there in the name! Says Charli, “If you’re going to have a cozy and romantic date night on the sofa, you need one that’s plush and spacious but also elegant.” The La-Z-Boy® Meyer Sofa is all three, with deep-seat cushions and an extra wide stance for maximum lounging potential. The clean, contemporary design fits into any space, and you can customize the cover fabric and cushions to fit your decor and comfort preferences.

Next, Charli and her husband order three-course takeout from their favorite restaurants — no pizza delivery tonight! — which they enjoy with their favorite red wine or homemade Old Fashioneds. Flameless candles and fresh flowers add ambiance, as does a great R&B playlist. Add a board game or deck of cards, and it’s time to tune out the week — and the world — just the two of you.

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