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Hang Your Plants Using a Laundry Hook

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Plant parents know good and well the value of window space. It’s precious real estate for hanging planters, and it can be hard to come by so it’s important to take advantage of all the window space you have. Even if you have awkwardly shaped windows or windows that are kind of hard to reach, you can still hang your plants in them — just pick up one of these handy tools an Instagram plant parent loves.

“As a human mom, and plant mom to over 250+ plants, I’ve often got to get creative with how to hang them,” Instagrammer Chantel Gray wrote in a recent caption. “This is my FAV way so far!”

Gray loves using laundry hangers for her plants because their 180-degree movement lets you hang plants in awkward windows, yet still have plenty of space to water them. You can also easily move your plant into and out of direct sunlight, depending on their needs, and you can even hang multiple plants in a single window if they’re small, thanks to the little notches on each arm that are originally intended to keep hangers in place.

“No one will ever know it’s not intended for your plants,” Gray wrote in her video.

The hangers she uses are from Amazon, and you can pick up a set of two for just under $18. They’re stainless steel and painted black, so no need to worry about rust, and they come with the necessary hanging hardware, including caps to make the screws disappear. 

And according to the Amazon listing, these hangers are strong enough to hold 10 to 15 pieces of clothing (even when wet), so they should be able to hold your hanging plants without issue. Although, if you’re concerned about hanging heavier pots, you may want to use longer screws to install the hooks and secure them to studs rather than using the drywall plugs.

Maximize your window space and literally let the light shine in on your houseplants — no matter how that window is shaped or where it is. These laundry hangers are about to make you want to go buy even more plants.

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