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Is Kim Kardashian’s House Haunted? She Has “Proof”

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Last week, Kim Kardashian took a selfie that, at first glance, seems like all the other bazillion selfies she’s taken. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice there’s someone else in the photo: a (possible) ghost.

The dark apparition can be seen behind Kim on the lower right corner of the image, its silhouette reflected on the television’s surface. It appears to be standing by the window, looking outside. Kardashian noticed the anomaly and posted the selfie on Sunday:

“Soooo I took this pic last week when I was alone and now going through my phone I am freaking out noticing a woman in the window.”

Don’t worry, the most logical explanation here is that the “ghost” is simply Kardashian’s shadow. Or her personal assistant standing by. Or that it’s a promo for her role in the upcoming 12th season of FX’s American Horror Story, which comes out in August. 

Still, many of her followers used the opportunity to crack some jokes. Someone referenced Scott Disick’s iconic prank on Kris Jenner: “Hi Kim, it’s only me, it’s Todd Kraines.”

Another follower made a reference to a Kris Jenner quote: “This is a case for the FBI.”

And if it is a ghost, perhaps it’s Marilyn Monroe’s spirit seeking revenge for the 1962 gown that Kardashian allegedly ruined at the 2022 Met Gala. A commenter wrote: “Marilyn coming for ya.”

Maybe it’s time for a Ghostbusters/Kardashian crossover.

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