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Where to Put a TV in the Bedroom: 8 Ideas and Tips

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Adding a television to the bedroom is often a subject of debate since many people enjoy watching their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed but may have a hard time integrating a TV into their room’s layout. Consider some important factors when deciding to put a television in your bedroom, along with these seven suggestions on where to put it. 

What to Consider When Putting a TV in the Bedroom

Before placing a TV wherever it fits in the room, you must consider how easily it can be viewed from various angles. If you would like to watch TV in bed, be sure to place it in an area that can easily be viewed while laying down, such as on a wall at the foot of the bed or a dresser nearby. If you have a small seating area in your bedroom, you may wish to place it in the viewing range of your favorite chair. Wherever you decide to place it, be sure the center of the TV is at eye level from your desired viewing spot.  

Another important thing to consider is any glare from windows. It is best not to place a TV directly in front of or opposite a sunny window. Placing it in front of a window can cause eye strain due to the light coming in behind it. On the other hand, placing it directly opposite the window will create glare on the screen.  

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