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5 Surprising Things People Regret Buying for Their Tiny House

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Water Reclamation System

Jennifer Fuist

  • Owner: Jennifer Fuist
  • Location: Georgia
  • Tiny Home Size: 224 sq ft 
  • How Long in Tiny Home: 3 years
  • What I regret buying: Water reclamation system

When Jennifer Fuist built Tiny Dreamer, her tiny home, she opted to try a 150-gallon water reclamation system from her builder. She paid $2,850 to install it and was one of 15 people to try the experimental product.

“I bought it because my intention was to be as off grid as I could until I purchased my own land,” she said. “That meant collecting rainwater and recycling it, using a compost toilet, etc.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work as she hoped. She’d get floaters in her drinking water, faulty filers, egg water smell, and cloudy water, she said.

Time after time, she’d have someone come fix it but to no avail. After about six to eight months, she’d had enough. She had the builder remove the system for a full refund and switched to city and well water.

“Looking back I would have simply not gotten the water system and just hooked up to regular water,” she said. “It would have saved me a lot of money and stress.”

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