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This Editor-loved Vacuum Attachment Is 50% Off Now

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Dryer lint is known to cause house fires. And while this isn’t an episode of “Scared Straight,” we are here to shed (as it were) light on an important topic when it comes to home safety. Don’t worry, our PSA also comes with a solution: this dryer vent vacuum attachment from Amazon, which is currently on sale before Prime Day kicks off. Here’s why any home with a drying machine needs one.

Household dryer lint is highly flammable — so much so that it’s being studied as a potential source of renewable energy. And if polyester or chemically treated fabric shed is involved, the risks of an accidental fire are even higher. Of course, like most other household appliances, drying machines are totally safe as long as they’re used with caution and taken care of over time. This means clearing the lint traps before each use and drying on low heat and speed settings whenever possible (your linens will also thank you for this). But what about the fabric shed that bypasses lint traps, collecting behind them? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, especially with older dryer models, but even the tech-y new ones aren’t immune. Tiny particles of fabric shed, chemicals, dust, and other contaminants can add up within our dryers quicker than we realize and, before we know it, yield a flammable lint layer that puts us, our families, and our homes at risk.

Enter: This dryer vent vacuum attachment. It’s a flexible hose, the end of which connects to a metal pole that acts to direct and control the hose tip. Its slender width allows you to snake the hose into small pathways, be it behind your dryer’s lint vent or in the central air vents in your walls or ceiling while maintaining pointed control. Then, simply turn on your vacuum and use the suction to remove any lint that’s hidden from view. Outside of using the hose attachment for dryer lint and household dust, it can be used to clean AC units and even other vacuums.

One shopper in Florida uses it to clear their drying machine of sand that collects during post-beach day laundering. Another “was so shocked when I looked inside my pre-owned dryer when I was trying to clean it before I start using it. There was too much dust and garbage in it and my vacuum cleaner was not slim enough to reach there. Thanks to this product, I vacuumed almost all of the mess and I’m very happy now. Since the dryer makes too much dust after using it a few times, I could use it more often than I thought.” The dryer vent vacuum attachment saves you money, prolongs the life of your lint-collecting electronics, and keeps your household safe. Not a bad deal for $15 — a whopping 50 percent off its original price.

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