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This $5 Spray Keeps My Shower Smelling Fresh Regularly

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I really dislike cleaning. I’m sorry to say it, because I do like things to be clean, and I do understand there’s a means to an end, but I don’t like taking the time to clean — especially the bathroom. Cleaning the kitchen is rewarding because there are snacks, but a clean bathroom is only clean for a short time (and shouldn’t bathrooms be self-cleaning by now?) 

Fortunately, I have found some good shortcuts for myself — one of which is the Method Daily Shower Spray Cleaner. This under-$5 spray keeps my shower clean without needing to scrub. This time saver is something I’ve purchased again and again for almost 10 years since the product first came on the market. 

If you’re doing a deeper clean of your bath or shower, this plant-based product will work well, but I only use it for basic shower cleaning. I keep the spray on the windowsill next to my shampoo so I don’t forget to use it. I spray after I shower or after the kids get out of the bath and it keeps everything smelling fresh and mildew/mold-free. There’s no need to rinse, squeegee, or scrub after using; just spray and walk away. It works on shower walls and doors, tile, fixtures, glass, tubs, and plastic or vinyl shower curtains. Because you’re spraying a fine mist on damp surfaces and then leaving it, it doesn’t leave any streaks or marks. 

My bathroom doesn’t even have a fan so, even if cleaning isn’t my favorite, I’m pretty diligent about cleanliness in there, as the circulation is more variable. Method does suggest trying it on an inconspicuous surface before spraying everywhere to make sure it works on your material and the smell is to your liking. It’s meant for non-porous surfaces only. For a deeper clean or to remove stains, you can use the Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner and then switch to the daily shower spray for maintenance.

We’re picky about smells in my house, but the eucalyptus mint scent is subtle enough to keep our sensory sensitivities at bay while still nice enough to smell fresh and clean. It has hints of lime, citron, and bergamot, which is delightful and a nice change from the usual strong citrus or chemical scents most cleaners have. It’s more “spa-like” than other cleaner scents. The spray not only smells nice, but also prevents soap scum. The bottle is made from recycled plastic which makes me feel better about buying a product that creates some waste when you’re done with it. You can also buy refill containers and reuse your spray bottle.

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