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Five Below Collapsible Crate Review: I Swear By It

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I have had a problem with clutter all of my life, and obviously, it’s not gotten any better living in small NYC apartments — especially now that I’ve been a shopping editor for a few years and constantly bringing products into my one-bedroom for testing. No matter how much stuff I trash, give to friends, or donate, more magically appears. I know that it’s a good problem to have, but it means that I’m constantly having to optimize my storage solutions.

My boyfriend and I have a mid-century modern nightstand with a shelf that we’ve been using to store cords, some of my beauty products, my jewelry, and some odds and ends. The result of this is that the shelf looked like a hot mess, which had been irritating me (and my boyfriend) for many months. I got the opportunity to test Five Below’s Small Collapsible Crates and see if they worked — despite their low cost of just $3.25 each.

What is the Small Collapsible Crate Storage Bin?

This bin is what its name suggests: It’s a collapsible storage bin. Each crate arrives flat and you have to click the sides in so they fit together and create a storage bin. I opted for the small crates, which are 8 in. (W) x 12 in. (L) x 5 in. (H). They’re made out of plastic and come in white, orange, purple, green (the color that I chose), and pink. These bins look very similar to other milk crate-styles at popular retailers, but they’re slightly more budget-friendly. The crates do come apart again, so they can be stored flat when not in use.

Why I Love the Small Collapsible Crate Storage Bin

Honestly, I’ve never been to Five Below before, so I was a little skeptical as to how two $3.25 collapsible crates were going to stay together. My qualms were quickly put to rest. I’m constantly pulling these crates out of their spots on my nightstand shelf and carrying them around —they seem as solid as a non-collapsible bin. I also love the pop of color they provide to our mid-century modern nightstand. They hide all of my clutter and make it easier for me to grab what I need, which is exactly how I needed these bins to function. And, if I ever don’t need them for my nightstand, I could see myself using one of them as a catch-all try or to corral all my spices in the kitchen. If I don’t need either bin at all, I can just collapse it and store it under my bed or in my closet until I do.

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