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Hennings Lee Countertop Waste Bins Sale: QVC Reviews

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A trash can is often the last thing you think about when you’re shopping for your kitchen, but it’s a majorly important part of your workspace. It makes all the difference in the world when it works well — and when it doesn’t, it can really hinder your cooking experience. I think we’ve all had to use makeshift trash cans by hanging shopping bags on cabinet doors at one time or another (or at least I have).

And, when you’re dealing with a bunch of food scraps that aren’t super easy to transport over to your bin, this is especially true — not to mention, when you dispose of them in your larger trash bag, you need to take it out immediately, or it’ll stink up the whole kitchen. But, with this ingenious QVC find, you won’t face any of these problems anymore, and it’ll even save you tons of space. Allow me to introduce you to the bestselling Henning Lee Collapsible Countertop Waste Bins: a must-have item for anyone that does even a little cooking in their kitchen — especially while they’re 33 percent off right now!

What is the Collapsible Countertop Waste Bin?

This is an ingenious product: When not in use, you can push the already-compact waste bin in so that it’s about half of its original depth. (But still, it’s deceptively large!) In addition to changing size when you collapse it, the bins also come with a range of hanger attachments to fit cabinets and drawers of all sizes. This handy product can go anywhere, too — so if you’re done cooking for the day, you can bring it to your bedroom and attach it to your nightstand drawer for easy trash access, or in a small bathroom if there isn’t enough floor space for a full-sized bin. 

In addition to how amazingly space-saving they are — and don’t forget, you get two bins in your order — the basket is also incredibly easy to clean because it’s dishwasher-safe. So, in the case that any food spills over out of the bag inside — though that’s unlikely with the included plastic bag clip that holds it in place — you’re covered. If you aren’t using a bag, though, you can even use the bag clip to scrape the food off of the counter and into the bin.

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

You can’t beat the convenience these bins add to your kitchen for such a fantastic price. And to never have to deal with food scraps stinking up the room again? More than worth it. The sale only runs for a limited time, though, so don’t wait to snag the set for yourself!

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