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Someone DIYed an IKEA Lamp into an Everything Bagel

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Move over, Swedish meatballs. Everyone’s lining up for a different food item at IKEA now.

TikTok user @sydneylindsey88 has come up with a hack that’s perfect for foodies — one wherein she turns an IKEA lamp into a giant bagel.

In her video, which now has nearly two million views, she features IKEA’s VARMBLIXT lamp and says that she thought it resembled a bagel minus the seasoning. After buying the lamp, the content creator then went to Michaels to buy gems and beads to act as poppy and sesame seeds, salts, garlic, and onions.

Now the fun part. She then applies the materials on the lamp using glue, sticking on the pieces in random places, just like the seasoning on a real bagel. It takes a while, and the process requires her full attention, as some of the beads keep slipping. And while she’s not fully confident the result will resemble what she envisioned, she persists.

The result, though, is worth it. Once lit up, the IKEA lamp really does look like a bagel — and one that looks like it’s fresh out of the oven, at that.

“NEED this,” commented Michaels’ TikTok account.

“Seriously most fun DIY on my feed!!” said fellow interior design content creator @taybeepboop.

In response to a question about the bulb’s heat softening the glue, @sydneylindsey88 said that the lamp’s LED doesn’t emit heat. “I’ve kept it on for about six hours and when I turned it off the lamp was cool,” she said.

She plans to make a donut next after Dunkin Donuts commented, “Hm I think it’s a donut,” to which she replied: “Okay okay I’ll make a donut! But I’m gonna need a lil sustenance @dunkin.”

If you’re planning to do a similar DIY, you can buy IKEA’s VARMBLIXT lamp for $69.99 here.

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