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A Smart, Easy Way to Return Painted Wicker to a Natural Look

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How many times have you been at the thrift store and come across a piece of wicker furniture that would be so cute if it wasn’t painted white? White-painted wicker was a huge trend back in the ‘90s, and sadly, many natural wicker pieces lost their lives to it. And there’s really no way to restore painted wicker furniture back to its natural state (that is, without losing your cool in the process).

So one TikToker came up with a brilliant way to take white wicker back to its roots. And her DIY solution is to actually paint the painted wicker.

“I found this shelf at a thrift store and fell in love with it,” the creator behind the Downtoearthsus TikTok account said in an April video. “I’m not a fan of painted wicker, so I decided to paint it to make it look like it’s not painted.”

“All you have to do is clean it off, and then I used Rustoleum’s spray paint in the color ‘Khaki’ to try to make it look as natural as possible,” she continued. “And I really love the end result. I have a few more spots to touch up, but don’t pass up that ugly wicker in the thrift stores because you can make it beautiful again.”

“So funny to paint wicker back to wicker,” one TikTok commenter wrote, adding, “It looks so much better now.”

“This is so smart!” another person commented. “I see sooo much white wicker and I HATE it! This turned out gorgeous!”

Of course, you can paint wicker any color you wish. But if you’re pining for that natural wicker look, then it’s as easy as choosing the right natural-looking paint color. With this information in hand, the world of white wicker is now your oyster.

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