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22 Hall Closet Organization Ideas to Conquer Your Clutter

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How do you organize hallway closets?

To organize a hallway closet, first take everything out and sort it by category. Next decide what the hallway closet will be used to store, be it coats, cleaning supplies, linens, or anything else. After you clean and dust the inside of your closet, add items back, keeping things you use most where it’s easiest to see and grab them, and placing less frequently used items on higher shelves. Take stock of your storage needs and add baskets, bins, hooks, shoe racks, or over-the-door organizers to optimize space so that you can keep it tidy.

What should you keep in hall closet?

What you keep in a hall closet is entirely up to you. You can use a hall closet to store coats, shoes, and umbrellas; cleaning products and tools such as brooms, mops, and vacuums; linens, craft supplies, or anything else. You can turn a hall closet into a bonus pantry, a mini home office, a kids’ reading nook, or a game board storage nook, to name a few ideas, depending on your storage needs and types of belongings.

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