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Trader Joe’s $13 Monsteras Are Back in Stock

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It’s no secret that Trader Joe’s isn’t just a hot spot for affordable groceries — it also sells plenty of hardy, cost-effective plants. Green-thumbed shoppers will be happy to know that a wildly popular houseplant is now back in stock: Monstera deliciosa, or monsteras for short.

The Instagram account @trader.joes.plants shared the news in a recent Instagram post.

“Monsteras are back!” they captioned the post. “Check out the absolutely gorgeous one that @mariayumango recently picked up in Washington state for $12.99! Best deal ever.”

Also known as the split-leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant, Monsteras are some of the most popular tropical plants around thanks to their stunning, heart-shaped split leaves and fairly low-maintenance needs. According to The Spruce, these plants do best when placed in bright, indirect sunlight in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. During the growing season — which lasts from the final frost in spring to the first severe frost in autumn — monsteras should be watered every one or two weeks. However, during the fall, they only need occasional watering.

FYI for pet parents: Although this plant is gorgeous, it’s toxic to both cats and dogs, so make sure to do your research on pet-safe plants before adding a new one to your home.

Stunning on their own or as part of your at-home garden, monsteras are sure to bring a unique tropical touch to any space. You can pick one up now while they’re only $12.99 at select Trader Joe’s locations. If you’re not near a Trader Joe’s, you can also purchase a similar Monstera plant for $22.99 on IKEA’s website or $32.01 on Home Depot’s website.

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