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Brazilian Lemonade Is Your New Favorite Summer Drink

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If there’s one guarantee in life, it’s that nothing beats a cool and refreshing beverage on a sweltering summer day. And when the question of “Which summer drink hits the spot the most?” is asked, my answer is almost always lemonade.  

Since getting a small tease last week of the ungodly heat that is to come this season, I thought it would be a perfect time to finally try out the Brazilian lemonade recipe (aka Swiss Lemonade) I stumbled upon by @carolinagelen on TikTok. When I first learned that Brazilian lemonade is made with limes and condensed milk, I was so intrigued.

Get the recipe: Brazilian Lemonade

How to Make Brazilian Lemonade

Thankfully this is a fairly easy recipe, so you can save your energy for tanning poolside once you get the first pitcher made. Start by cutting limes into quarters, and then toss them into a blender. Fill the blender up with water until the limes are fully submerged, then blend on high until everything is liquified. Be careful not to over-blend, which can make the finished product bitter. Then, using a sieve, strain the lime water to get out all of the bits and pieces that you don’t want in your drink. 

Next, pour the lime water back into the blender, and this time, add sweetened condensed milk and a few handfuls of ice. Blend on high until everything is silky-smooth and all of the ice chunks have been dispersed. Taste test and add special ingredients if needed (hint hint). Pour yourself a glass, enjoy, and bottle up the rest for storage in the refrigerator! 

My Honest Opinion of Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian lemonade as a mixed drink sounds exactly like what I want to get into this summer. The creamy richness with a hint of sweet is so perfectly coupled with the tart, acidic flavor of the limes, and I could see this being a dangerously fun and tasty cocktail. I will definitely be making this again for my friends, and look forward to finding ways of making this recipe more of my own. 

2 Tips for Making Brazilian Lemonade

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