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This Couple Created Built-In Drawers in an Unexpected Place

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Many people are suckers for two things: lofts and built-in storage. However, it seems like the two don’t often go together. Lofts, after all, don’t usually come with a ton of built-ins — but one couple decided to build theirs from the ground up to get around that issue. 

Content creator and interior designer Justin Coakley gave us a tour of the London home he shares with his partner, Zunaid, earlier this year, and it’s a testament to just how much you can do when you’re starting from scratch. The mid-century modern design and color palettes are gorgeous all around, but a definite standout is the bedroom loft. 

Turning a loft into a usable space might seem obvious, but it’s the way Justin designed it that’s really impressive. The primary bedroom has a fluted wood wall on one end, which leads to a beautiful walk-in closet absolutely bursting with storage. According to Justin, ”It was an opportunity to maximize space and give us more much-needed storage. Nearly every surface that is seen has some form of storage.”

The walk-in closet is the stuff of dreams — it has tons of space with a built-in bench for sitting with even more storage space and drawers under it. The thing that really catches your eye, though, is the chest of drawers that almost seems to disappear into the far wall. When closed, the drawers use the space in the eaves, which is usually wasted according to Justin. It’s an excellent usage of otherwise neglected space. 

As seen here, if you’re looking to make small-space living successful, it’s a good idea to look out for storage in unexpected places. While you might not have access to eaves, you can maximize the space under your bed, in your closet, or even use a coffee table for extra storage

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