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7 Cabinet Styles for Kitchens — From Shaker to Mullion

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1. Shaker Style Cabinets 

This type of cabinet features a recessed center panel accompanied by raised edges. According to Linda Hayslett, the founder of LH.Designs, this style of cabinet is quite versatile. ”It’s a great look that can go with any design style,” she says. “This type of cabinet can be traditional, modern, contemporary, bohemian, or mod.” 

It also looks excellent with a wide range of hardware styles. “Glam it up, farm it down; it has endless possibilities,” says Jessica Dorling, the founder of Dorling Design Studio, who calls Shaker cabinets “the ultimate timeless cabinet style.” 

Nadia Watts, the founder of Nadia Watts Interior Design, says that soon, we’ll see this style change slightly. “Shaker style cabinets will continue to trend upward in the coming years, but with a bolder, brighter twist,” the designer shares, noting that we’ll witness features such as new inset construction and angled edges. 

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