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YouCopia RollOut Sink Organizer Review 2023

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Don’t tell my vintage copper range hood, but my favorite feature of my kitchen is the series of built-in, roll-out cabinet drawers. Only a few of my cabinets don’t have them, and I can feel the difference every time I reach for something in them — especially the cavernous spaces underneath my kitchen and bathroom sinks. I’m not willing to pay a contractor to install more, and I’m definitely not up for DIY-ing them myself, but turns out I don’t have to do either. Women-owned company YouCopia sells a rolling caddy with all the benefits of roll-out shelves and none of the sticker shock. 

What’s so great about the YouCopia RollOut Sink Organizer?

The YouCopia RollOut Caddy comes in an 8-inch and 5-inch rolling caddy. I tried both sizes underneath my sink, and I was surprised by how well-balanced the organizers are and how easily they rolled in and out of the cabinet. It’s a breeze to access the items in the back, and the wheels’ soft-grip surface causes no damage to my cabinet floors.

I use the caddies to hold cleaning supplies under my kitchen and bathroom sinks. Even the 5-inch version packs a punch, as it can easily hold a few hand towels, four types of cleaning solution, and trash bags, with space to spare, thanks to the extra basket that you can hang on the side. Both sizes include handles that make it effortless to carry the supplies from room to room if you need to do so. With the containers’ clean design, they are also a huge upgrade from the repurposed cardboard bin I was using before.

The caddies are even customizable for more versatility; just rearrange the dividers to create the cubby size you need for your supplies and move the baskets to fit your space. The hanging baskets can attach on any side of the organizer; I used both on one side of the 8-inch version with no issues. The attachments can’t hold anything heavy, but they’re perfect for Magic Erasers and other lightweight supplies.

The main compartment, on the other hand, can hold up to 30 pounds. I put heavier items, such as our water filter replacement, a full container of dishwasher pods, and a fire extinguisher, in the 8-inch bin and it still rolled with ease. 

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