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West Elm Rattan Basket Review: I Tried It

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As an adult, I never thought that one of my biggest battles would be against clutter. Clutter and I have been in a war for nine years, and guess what? It’s still winning. No matter how much stuff I get rid of, I still feel like I have way too much stuff and not enough places to put it. The small one-bedroom apartment that I share with my boyfriend in New York City certainly doesn’t help with that, either.

In my attempt to get more organized at the end of last year, I decided to upgrade a few of the storage solutions that I had been using since college and try to stuff more bed blankets (as a shopping editor, I tested a ton of bedding) underneath my bed, because it was taking up much-needed bedroom closet space. My designated clothes chair was about to tip over from the big pile of sweaters and workout clothes that was living on it.

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What is the West Elm Modern Weave Rattan Underbed Basket?

The West Elm Modern Weave Rattan Underbed Basket is a handwoven basket with a lid attached to it. It is 32 inches wide, 17 inches in diameter, and 6.5 inches tall. It has two holes on the side for easy gripping. The lidded version of the basket is currently only available in the whitewash rattan hue. This basket is part of a line of stylish rattan storage solutions from West Elm that come in many shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking to trade out a bunch of plastic storage bins for baskets, I recommend taking a look at the options. That way, all of your storage could match and have an aesthetically pleasing unifying effect.

Why I Love the West Elm Modern Weave Rattan Underbed Basket

As someone who only had plastic storage under her bed, I love the way this looks. I don’t have a bed skirt, so guests can see straight underneath the bed if the bedroom door is open. This basket provides a good view and obscures the rest of the storage hiding behind it on the other side of my bed frame. Seeing this basket underneath my bed gives me the temporary allusion that I am, in fact, conquering my clutter. I’ve been working at AT for nearly two years and I can confidently say that I haven’t seen a prettier under-bed basket on any site.

The basket is also very practical too. I have a low bed frame (about 7 inches tall) and this basket slides in neatly beneath. The basket is currently holding one quilt, a sheet set, and some random small items that I couldn’t find a place for elsewhere. However, it did take some smart rearranging to make sure that everything was flat enough to close the lid around it.

Overall, I think it’s worth the investment. I will say, though, that this basket can’t be kicked around or violently shoved under the bed like I did with my plastic storage bins. It does need to be handled a little bit more gently.

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