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West Elm Herringbone Blanket Review: I Tried It

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Growing up, I always had at least one blanket on my bed, along with a thin duvet. As an adult, I was shocked to find out that some people choose to just go without — I’ve just grown too used to sleeping under the weight of a blanket. Even when it’s 90 degrees outside during the summer, I still need a blanket on my bed.

In my near-decade of living in New York City, I’ve always had a summer bed blanket, a winter bed blanket, at least throw blankets (one for the couch), and two to three comforters. If you’re doing the math, you must be wondering how I had any closet or underbed space. Well, spoiler alert: I didn’t. But I tried the Mixed Herringbone Blanket from West Elm, which I tested for Best List, changed all of that. Although it didn’t win a spot on AT’s official list, it’s on my personal Best List.

What Is the Mixed Herringbone Blanket?

West Elm’s Mixed Herringbone Blanket is made out of a 100% cotton double cloth. This stylish, neutral blanket has a lightweight, gauzy texture. When I first touched it, I could tell that it was breathable, but it does have a nice heft to it. It features a subtle herringbone pattern and comes in either Ivory (which I have) or White. It can be machine-washed on cold and tumble-dried on low. The blanket is advertised by West Elm as a year-round blanket, and I would agree with that. Although when it’s minus 30 degrees, I usually add my Parachute Cloud Cotton Comforter to the bed for some added warmth.

Why I Love the Mixed Herringbone Blanket

As I mentioned above, I am a blanket gal. But after testing so much bedding from Apartment Therapy for nearly two years, I’ve discovered that it’s better to own a few really adaptable, high-quality pieces rather than a ton of single-season products. I now only own three pairs of sheets, one bed blanket, one comforter, and one throw. Now I actually have room in my closet for clothes! The West Elm Herringbone Blanket was the one that empowered me to give away or donate a lot of my bedding. I sleep under it year-round, and I can be a picky sleeper, so that is giving the blanket the highest compliment in my eyes. It is a bit of a splurge, but I can tell by the material and quality of the blanket that I’ll have it on my bed for years to come.

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