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Reeded Glass Texture Trend – Purpose and Decorating Ideas

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When you think of Art Deco style interiors, sleek metals, geometric patterns, and plush fabrics may come to mind. But there was another design detail used throughout the Art Deco period that’s everywhere again — especially on glass. If you guessed reeding, which refers to the technique of carving into or creating ridges in a surface, you’d be correct. Right now, reeded glass is popping up again on everything from windows and lights to tabletop pieces and doors — and so much more. 

Not only used on glass objects during the Art Deco movement, reeding also appeared on decor — especially on trim work and furniture. In keeping with the streamlined shapes and geometric forms of the time, reeding introduced glamour and visual interest as a design detail while still having a certain simplicity about it. Even though reeding is an ancient technique that originated well before the Art Deco period, it was during this time that it gained popularity, and now it’s back in a big way.

As an architectural feature, reeded glass creates depth when used on windows, doors, room dividers, and shower screens in a home. The ribbed look provides privacy without sacrificing light, which is a huge advantage of this design detail. That’s exactly why it’s also taking over kitchen and bathroom cabinet insert panels, too. You can hide away your things without the visual heaviness of solid doors. The only downside? Large panes of textured glass, whether for a door or a window, can be pricey. 

If you’re after the real thing on a budget, you can still get the look with smaller decor. Drinking glasses, vases, lighting, and almost any category of item that features glass construction can be found with reeding. Some ceramics even mimic this pattern, too. I rounded up a few reeded items for you, so you can get the look for less in your space.

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