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Mattresses in Boxes to Maximize Comfort and Minimize Effort

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Mattresses are meant to be the symbol for unwinding and resting easily at the end of the day, but they can be a total nuisance when it comes to moving apartments or swapping them out for an upgrade. Finding someone to help you lug one across town and up to your fifth-floor walk-up in the middle of August isn’t a totally impossible feat — speaking from experience here about my then-friend, now-partner — but, let’s be honest, the odds are still quite slim. 

A far better way to avoid the headache and backache is to order a mattress that comes in a box and ships right to your door. And with our editor-favorites, you won’t be sacrificing comfort for ease of transport. So go ahead; have your cake and eat it, too, on your new mattress (with a tray, please!). Here are 10 solid (or more cushy, your pick) options for mattresses that come in a box. Take the extra stress out of moving.

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