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LG’s Stanby ME Go Is a Portable Touchscreen TV in a Suitcase

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If you’ve been on a never-ending road trip, you know that you need entertainment — and books or card games aren’t enough sometimes. TVs aren’t exactly packable, and tablets and laptops are only so big. Tech company LG has seemingly solved that problem, and the travel-friendly TV is so unique that it almost makes you want to try it out.

Called the Stanby ME Go, the cordless 27-inch television has a touchscreen, is powered by a built-in battery, and has a voice control. And those aren’t even the best features. Its four speakers combined with Dolby Atmos provides an extraordinary sound for anything you’ll be streaming. For $999.99, the entertainment device is a luxurious way to travel with its sleek briefcase design that is protected by a hard-sided case, so it’ll essentially be safe wherever your adventures take you.

If you’re not propping it up to watch a movie, the Stanby ME Go can rotate vertically to scroll through social media, or it can sit flat so you can play a board game. This versatile device will definitely keep you and your fellow travelers/companions entertained.

There are six reviews on the product’s official listing as of this writing, including a one-star detail about its weight. “Very heavy,” the reviewer shared (the specs say that the TV is 28 pounds without its stand). Meanwhile, a five-star review shared that the television is worth every penny. “Perfect travel companion, the LG StanbyMe Go is such an innovative take on a TV, I knew I immediately needed it,” they wrote. “The battery does make the case a [bit] heavy, but anyone who travels and games, this is a must-have.” Although this is ideal for watching television, could this be the next car-friendly gaming console? 

Often, a camping trip is meant to be time spent outdoors unplugged from social media and any electronics, so the Stanby ME Go might not be your ideal accessory for that environment. But if it is — or if you see yourself bringing it to a beach day to entertain children — the high-tech television is available on LG’s website for $999.99 and plans to have an international rollout in October.

Buy: LG StanbyME Go 27″ Briefcase, $999.99

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