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Humble Crew Kids Book Rack Review

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Bedtime stories with a toddler are a peaceful way to end the day — in theory. When my kids were toddlers, choosing a bedtime story often included emptying the entire bookshelf just to choose a book, followed by serious haggling over the number of stories to be read. 

The Humble Crew Kids Book Rack, winner of Best Book Organizer for Kids in Apartment Therapy’s first-ever Organization Awards, can’t help with the haggling, but it can solve the problem of the book avalanche and much more. 

This book rack bested traditional bookshelves because its cover-forward display means your kids can see the covers of all the books at once, and they won’t need to unshelve the entire library to know what the options are. 

This design also means kids will actually notice and read the books tucked into the colorful pockets, even when it’s not bedtime. There’s a reason your favorite bookshop displays books facing forward — those reads are much more likely to catch your eye and end up on your nightstand. The same holds true for the youngest members of your household, especially if they can’t read yet. What’s more likely to grab their attention, the words “Fox in Socks” on a spine, or a picture of a bright red fox peeking out of a fabric pocket? It’s going to be the fox face, every time. 

Even the youngest children can grab a bedtime story from the sturdy four-tiered unit, and because the bookshelf can only hold a limited number of books, they won’t be overwhelmed with too many choices at the end of a long day. After storytime is over, it’s easy for kids to return books to the rack; it takes just one hand to drop the latest “Elephant and Piggie into a fabric sleeve.

Another benefit of this smart storage solution is you can only store books inside. A traditional bookshelf can become a catchall for toys and LEGO creations, but by purchasing a Humble Crew Kids Book Rack, you can guarantee the book space will be just that — space for books.

This affordable bookshelf comes in a variety of colors, from pastel to primary, and will coordinate with any nursery design. The wood and fabric unit is easy to assemble, and the slim design — only 25” wide — will fit in even the tiniest of bedrooms. 

Once you set up the Humble Crew Kids Book Rack in your little one’s book nook, you may even be inspired to start thinking about a grown-up version.

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