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Cozy Earth Silk Pillow Review: I Swear By It

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I never knew how fussy of a sleeper I was until I moved to New York City. With the combination of bright lights, street noise, a too-hot room, and a boyfriend who is hogging more than his allotted 50 percent of the bed, it can be a real challenge for me to drift off to sleep. And as I’ve entered my 30s, I’ve gotten really picky about my pillow. I am a dedicated side sleeper and that means a too-soft or too-hard pillow will keep me tossing and turning all night (with a sore neck in the morning).

I’ve been on the hunt for my Goldilocks of side sleeper pillows for the past year. I’ve tried memory foam, gel, adjustable pillows, and cheap, down-alternative pillows with no luck. Finally, I got to try the Silk Pillow from the Oprah-approved brand, Cozy Earth. My colleagues have been raving about this brand’s sheets for months, so I wanted to see if their supposed high-quality, thoughtful design extended to their pillows.

What is the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow?

The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is filled with 100-percent mulberry silk, which is usually the material that silk eye masks and silk pillowcases are made of, so sleeping on a silk-filled pillow is kind of luxurious. The fabric shell is made out of viscose derived from bamboo fabric. This means that the fabric shell is designed to keep the user cool while they catch some Zs. Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheets are originally what won Oprah’s heart (and a spot on her Favorite Things list). The pillow can be spot-cleaned or dry-cleaned.

Why I Love the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow?

I love this pillow’s density. It’s not so soft that I can feel the mattress through the pillow and not so hard that it feels like I am sleeping on a foam-covered block. It strikes the perfect balance for a side sleeper. The fill doesn’t feel like it clumps or shifts either (and if for some reason it does, there is a warranty that covers that). My head and neck feel supported and I’ve woken up with slightly less neck pain.

In addition to being a fussy sleeper, I am a hot sleeper. In the past, I’ve woken up to the back of my neck being drenched with sweat (which is not how anyone should wake up, ever). Since switching to my new pillow, I’ve noticed that I stay cool through the night. I never have to flip to the “cool side” of the pillow, either.

I, unfortunately, gravitate toward the more expensive things in life (hey, I’m a Taurus, it’s in my nature). I do think this pillow is worth every penny, though. I think that I will have it for years to come, and if you do the math, that’s a pretty good deal. And if you don’t believe me, take this reviewer’s word for it. “Truly luxurious, the best pillow I have ever[y] owned, and I’ve tried plenty,” they wrote. “It’s lightweight, and very comfortable all night. I think I’ve found ‘the one.’” Luckily, it is $70 off right now, so if you’re in the market for a new pillow, you should snag it while you can.

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