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Boll & Branch Spa Bath Towel Review: I Tried It

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After a nice shower, the last thing you want to do is reach out and touch your bath towel to realize that it’s still damp (or worse, wet) from the day before. For me, I had just accepted this scenario as my reality. I bought bath towels every two years, and inevitably, within a month of use, they were perpetually damp. No matter if I tried to take them out of the bathroom to hang them over a door or kitchen chair, I couldn’t get rid of the dampness. Every single bathroom I’ve had in my eight years in New York City has been poorly ventilated, so I had essentially given up hope at finding a towel that could thrive (and quickly dry) in this hostile environment.

I got the opportunity to test the Boll & Branch Spa Bath Towels. I honestly was not optimistic, partially because after years of product testing, I am a little skeptical of everything, and my bathroom had so thoroughly destroyed every towel I brought into it that I didn’t know that this one would be up to the job. Luckily, I was proven wrong.

My Boll & Branch towel is totally dry right now. Actually, it dries off completely 30 minutes after I use it, despite hanging from the same hook that my other bath towels have resided. I was shocked yet thrilled. Boasting Boll & Branch’s fastest drying fabrication, the Spa Bath Towel is made out of 100 percent long-staple organic cotton. It feels soft to the touch, though it is not the plushest towel I’ve wrapped myself in. If that is a very important factor for you, I would opt for another towel. The towel does still feel luxurious, thanks to the channeled lines, and lives up to its “spa” name.

It’s larger than most towels I’ve owned — I’m relatively tall (5’8″) and feel like I get more coverage than I have with other towels. It also features a large loop for hanging, which ensures that my towel doesn’t slip and fall off the hook in my bathroom.

Boll & Branch does note that the towel does shed a little on its first laundry day, which I found to be true, but it barely shed at all the second time I washed it. The color of my towel also wasn’t affected at all. I personally adore the color I chose, Shore, which looks a little grayer in the photo I took, but I promise it’s a subtle, relaxing blue that adds more character to my bathroom.

Overall, this $38 bath towel is the best that I’ve ever used, and it’s on rare sale for Boll & Branch’s Summer Sale. Get 20 percent off with the code SUMMER23 sitewide at checkout. I used to dread drying off, but this towel has made it so that my post-shower peace doesn’t disappear. If you’ve been dealing with damp, soggy towels, this is the perfect replacement.

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