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Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack Review (Tested & Reviewed)

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Not a day goes by where I don’t trip over a pile of shoes by my front door. Some of the shoes are mine, but most are my husband’s (though he won’t admit it). And when we have friends and family over, the area is basically a landmine of sneakers, sandals, and slippers, and everyone trips over their own shoes in an almost comical way. I either spend the first 10 minutes of guests coming over rearranging the entryway, or just leave it a mess — it’s a lose-lose situation.

I’ve tried the traditional shoe rack that’s wider than it is tall, but there’s a closet door that opens up into the entryway so the door would just bump up against it. However, going vertical — now that’s a much more elegant solution for my space (or well, the lack thereof). 

What’s so great about the Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack?

For the last few months, I’ve been using the Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack (which just won the title of Best Shoe Rack in Small Spaces in our inaugural Organization Awards), and I’m this close to getting a second because it’s been so key to managing the mess around my entryway. There’s a short and a tall version, and it comes in white or black so you can figure out the best combo that best complements your decor and space; I have the tall shoe rack (no surprise there) in white.

The tall Tower Shoe Rack has five tiers to hold as many pairs of kicks, so it doesn’t take up any more floor space than a shoe box, and the minimalist design keeps the 31-inch-tall rack from overwhelming cozy corners. If you have the space, you can even put a few together to customize a wider rack — they’re not billed as modular units, but the streamlined silhouette means they’ll fit snugly side by side.

The minimalist design also lends itself to versatility as a bookshelf, umbrella holder, or even a closet organizer. However you use it, your arms will be glad to know that the sturdy steel frame is surprisingly lightweight — this came in handy as I moved it around my entryway to figure out the best spot. 

Even though my husband and I own more shoes than the rack has space for, it’s forced us to purge anything we haven’t worn in years, and it’s helped us prioritize space for the ones we wear most often — those get prime real estate. Anything else that’s more seasonal or for special occasions (like winter boots or tuxedo shoes) goes into the closet where we’ve put the traditional shoe rack we were using before. 

The second tower rack I plan on getting will flank the other side of the entryway — this way nobody trips over their own shoes, and I won’t have to waste my time cleaning up the area. Talk about a win-win! 

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Buy: Yamazaki Tower Shoe Rack – Tall, $65

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