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The Best Home Decor for You, Based on Your Zodiac

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Astrologer and TikToker content creator Sydnee (@astrosydnee) recently launched an “Astrology of Interior Design” series, in which they explain how you can tailor your space to suit your sun sign. If you’re new to the astrology world, your sun sign is the zodiac placement you’re most likely to know already, since it’s based on your birthday. Each of the 12 zodiac star signs has its characteristic traits and aesthetics, making them ripe for design analysis.

While each person with the same sun sign is invariably unique, Sydnee uses their series to point out how astrology can shape what you desire in your space. For instance, did you know that Cancer rules the home? As such, Sydnee recommends that members of this water sign focus on “comfort, softness, and serenity” when designing their places.

Meanwhile, since Sagittarius is a Jupiter-ruled sign, perhaps prioritizing a wide, spacious home will help members of this sign avoid feeling stuck in their day-to-day lives. Are you a Gemini? Then you might want to set aside a space for crafting since your sign rules hands-on art-making.

Sydnee is careful to note in each video that just because you share a sun sign with someone doesn’t mean that you’ll have identical instincts. After all, each person has their own individual zodiac placements, which extend beyond sun signs to placements like one’s moon sign or Venus sign.

For instance, they point out that Aquarius placements have a flair for unique, “cool elements” that set their homes apart from the pack, whether they achieve this through futuristic, sleek pieces or modern, colorful design.

Still looking for design inspiration after checking out the “Astrology of Interior Design” series? You can check out Apartment Therapy’s recommendations for the best home design style for your zodiac sign here, and the best bedroom color for your zodiac here.

Do you agree with Sydnee’s astrological decor tips?

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