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John Stamos Has the “Full House” Front Doors in His Home

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Back in 2020, John Stamos revealed that he was the proud owner of something pretty major from his time on “Full House,” sharing a photo of the famous Tanner family blue plaid couch on his Instagram page. The admission delighted both fans and Stamos’ famous cast members, who feigned shock and amusement over the incredible memorabilia he managed to score, which he’d been jokingly using as a makeshift baby gate for his then-toddler son, Billy, with the dad of one writing in the caption: “Baby safety gate or one of the most iconic couches in pop TV history? You, make the call.”

Of course, the upholstered sofa was famously used on both the beloved sitcom and its reboot, “Fuller House,” which ran from 2016 to 2020, serving as the centerpiece for plenty of moments big and small on both series. And while it seems Billy is all about the couch these days, Stamos recently revealed that it’s not the only iconic item he ended up with from the famed fictional San Francisco home.

Last October, the actor served as a guest on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” and he opened up about the many ways in which he’d been paying tribute to his close pal and co-star, the late Bob Saget. Barrymore took the opportunity to ask him about his mementos from the show, and he divulged that he also has the red front doors from the house, which was one of the “Painted Ladies” located on Steiner Street in San Francisco.

“Is it true that you kept the red doors from ‘Full House?’” the talk show host asked. Stamos’ admission: “I stole a lot of things from that show, from most shows. I always did.”

Barrymore admitted she didn’t take anything home from her film sets, with Stamos joking that she “should’ve taken E.T.,” to much fanfare and applause from the studio audience. He then admitted that when he was building one of the bathrooms in his Los Angeles home, he said, “‘Oh, I have these old doors from ‘Full House.’ You want me to put those? But every time I go, every time I walk out of the bathroom, I expect people to clap and [applaud]. You know when you make an entrance on a sitcom?” he quipped.

When Barrymore noted that it’s “so crazy” for Stamos to have the red doors in his possession, he shared that he also has the couch, which prompted Barrymore to fully freak out. “That should be in, like, a museum!” she said, with Stamos joking, “Do you wanna buy it?”

Her response: “Let’s talk price during the commercial break.” Have mercy, indeed.

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