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Kitchen Tools & Gadgets: Gift Guide for the kitchen lover that has everything

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I’m here to help you cross more than a few things off your list this holiday season with my curated gift guide of kitchen tools and gadgets you didn’t even know you needed. Between making cleaning a breeze and tackling tasks more efficiently, these hidden gems will have you feeling like you remodeled your whole space without lifting a hammer. Stay tuned for my picks that are sure to become your new favorite helpers around the house.


New to owning a small rice cooker, this is one of those gadgets that I wonder why I didn’t own before hand. It is a family goal to make our own sushi at home, we are far from that, but until then, we are loving this little guy for some added filler to our meals.


This is a no brainer if you enjoy hardboiled eggs. We leave this little guy out on the counter almost daily, and set a few eggs to be hardboiled to be added to salads, sliced on toast, or just enjoyed as they are. They are a great solution if you find that expiration day creeping up with some extra eggs in the carton. Hardball them and have them ready for a quick healthy snack.


I received this last year from Jose as a Christmas present– I am obsessed. This little mug keeps your coffee hot with every sip. Some variations allow for you to change the temp to keep it absolutely perfect from full to read for refill.

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The organizer in your is going to love this gift. This is a drawer organizer for plastic bags and rolls of aluminum foil or plastic wrap. The blue tabs come with cutting devices to easily cut sheets and the plastic bag organizer is ready for all different shapes and sizes. We love this and it keeps our drawer so perfectly organized. We also love that you can pull it out and bring to the kitchen if there are a lot of things to pack up. Great gift!

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Ditch the parchment paper, this has hands down been the most used items on this list in our home. The Slipmat comes in all different shapes and sizes, some plain and some with pre-measured markings on them for common cuts, as well as hand conversions we all forget to often. We use ours further on our Aga stove to cook right on our simmer plate, it’s phenomenal .


I was skeptical at first but these Reusable & Freezable Cubes have been really nice to have on hand. We use these for a number of things between drink cups that you don’t necessarily want to water down to an on the run lunch box.


These are a little big, however they are so awesome when it comes to keeping all the bugs off the food. A lifesaver this past summer when we would host pool parties. and they work perfectly. Not sure how they clean up yet, but if you are hosting with a lot of food 10 out of 10 would recommend these food covers!


I felt like we were so late to the game with an immersion blender, but recently we have met so many people that have been mystified when we pull this thing out to blend. We have done everything with this this from a quick baking mix, making a dry rub, to even mixing together a large batch of my protein and peanut butter mix. Tucks away nicely and great tool for any cook in on your shopping list!


Rounding out the list has been a lifesaver for us in so many situations. This smart oven air fryers not only can do it all, can really be your lifeline when it comes to hosting and party prep. We have used this is as a second over when ours is at capacity or we have items cooking at different temperatures. It is also an air fryer, that has been a huge player in my health journey. It’s smaller in size, so from time to time we have brought it out to the pool house to keep things warm or bake right there without having to step in and out of the house. We have barely scratched the surface with its capability & I could not be more excited to suggest this for yourself or as a gift to a very-very special someone.


Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm. Make sure to keep up with us daily on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok. As always, Stay Cozy!

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