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Finding Joy and Time in 1-Click Meals & an Outdoor Dinner

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If there’s anything that spells comfort for me, it’s the simple pleasures of a home cooked meal, the laughter of my family, and the tranquility of our beloved farm. However, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes make it hard to relish these joys. That’s why I was incredibly excited when I found out about Walmart’s 1-click recipes.

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For those of you who haven’t yet experienced the magic of this fantastic feature, the 1-click recipe service by Walmart is a game-changer. Here, Walmart literally does all of the thinking and shopping for you in, you guessed it, one click! This innovative service frees up so much time, allowing you to spend more of it with your family, on your hobbies, or simply breathing in the beauty of your surroundings. Each recipe comes with a fully detailed ingredient list ready to be swiftly added to your shopping cart, no fuss, no hassle. With just one click, you can either have your shopping delivered right to your doorstep or conveniently picked up curbside. It’s a bit like having a personal chef and grocery shopper, all rolled into one. Gone are the days of wondering ‘what’s for dinner’ and scrambling for ingredients. Now, we have more time to gather around the table, appreciate the food, and revel in the gift of family and farm life. I also like how easy it was to add/subtract from items you already have or may be needing more of outside of this recipe. There are also options to replace with different ingredients to better fit you and your family needs. Like this Salted Honey Apple Brie Grilled Cheese, we swapped out the original bread for a low-calorie bread, which we already had in our home. And bonus… most of these recipes are extremely affordable.

Salted Honey Apple Brie Grilled cheese Walmart 1-Click Recipe Liz Marie Favorite

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We’ve discovered some fabulous new favorites through Walmart’s 1-click recipe service, and one dish has woven its way into our hearts (and our weekly meal rotation!). We’re talking about the Salted honey apple brie grilled cheese. This isn’t just any old grilled cheese; it’s a flavorful fusion of sweet apples, velvety brie, and a hint of honey, all held together by slices of perfectly toasted bread. It’s a reinvention of the classic grilled cheese, and it’s safe to say we’re all smitten! I’ll put a link to some other favorites we are loving this summer!

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One of the best parts about these 1-click recipes is the way they’ve allowed us to reimagine our meal times. With the time we’ve saved on meal planning and grocery shopping, we’ve found the freedom to create new family traditions. Our most recent one? Cozy picnics in the evening, right here on our farm. We literally found today, this outdoor dinning table set on Facebook marketplace and were so happy to quickly make a little impromptu picnic for the family.  The joy of giving it a second life in our home and the thrill of a bargain find added to the magic. Being able to step right from the dinner table to take a leisurely family walk, & get the mail is a kind of magic you don’t find just anywhere. These are the moments of pure, simple joy that thrifting, a little imagination, and the beauty of farm life bring us.All of this is made possible because of Walmart’s 1-click recipes. For us, it’s not just about the convenience (although, trust me, that’s a huge plus!). It’s about what this service allows us to do – slow down, appreciate our farm, and savor the moments that make life truly beautiful.

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We’ll continue to explore and enjoy the many fantastic recipes that Walmart offers. And we look forward to many more delightful and leisurely evenings on our farm, with the fragrance of Salted honey apple brie grilled cheese wafting through the air, and the warmth of family time enveloping us all. Embracing the convenience of Walmart’s 1-click recipes and the charm of a thrifted outdoor dining set has brought a new flavor to our family life. We’ve found a way to reclaim our time, enjoy the fruits of the earth, and appreciate the quiet joy of being together amidst the beauty of our farm. It’s the perfect blend of modern convenience and rustic charm. Whether we’re indulging in the richness of a Salted Honey Apple Brie grilled cheese or venturing out on an evening stroll to fetch the mail, every day is filled with sweet, storybook-like moments. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Savoring the magic of the ordinary, one delicious 1-click meal, one family picnic, and one magical evening at a time. Here’s to many more such treasured moments and the simple, heartfelt joys of farm life. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every other day. It truly means the world to us here on the farm! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram link, Pinterest, & TikTok for more daily inspiration and content! Stay cozy!

Favorite 1-Click Recipes so Far…

Salted Honey Apple Brie Grilled Cheese

Cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad

Garlic parmesan potato stackers

Haven’t made this yet, but I think I’ll love it… so honorable mention: No bake pumpkin pie dip


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