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5 Cozy Tips to Display your Holiday Cards

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Liz Marie Card Display 4 scaled

I love sending and receiving Christmas Cards. While it may still be a little early for receiving Christmas Cards, I wanted to offer a few cozy tips on how to display and style them in your home once you do start to gather them. Once the cards start piling in, the colorful collection can become its own festive display. Today I am sharing 5 cozy tips on how to display your holiday cards.

1. DIY Card Display

Last year I created this fun DIY printable Santa with my friend, Holli of Hollihocks. It’s a paint-by-numbers printable Santa that I was able to print out and adhere to a large piece of particle board to use as Christmas decor, but it can easily be used as a Card display as well. If you would like to create a similar Santa, check out the PDF Paint By Number Santa here [HERE].

Liz Marie Card Display 6 scaled

2. Unique pieces and Antiques

I like to use unique pieces for backdrops and in this case, I used an old toboggan and hung the cards with magnets. This can easily be done with a wooden toboggan or even wooden skis. What’s great about a large piece like this one is that it fills an otherwise empty corner. I like keeping mine near our entryway to serve as a conversation piece when people come into our home.

Liz Marie Card Display 3 scaled

3. Hang Cards anywhere with Decorative String and Clips

A super simple way to display holiday cards anywhere in your home is to use a piece of string or twine and attach them with either binder or paper clips. Hang the string on a mantel, a kitchen island, or just on a side table. You can even adhere the cards with paper clips to an already existing garland as a centerpiece.

Liz Marie Holiday Card Display 11
Liz Marie Holiday Card Display 9

4. Pop Cards into Greenery

You can never go wrong with using your stairs or mantel as the focal point for displaying your Holiday Cards. I love adding them to greenery and ornaments and displaying them as a part of our cozy decor. Create a centerpiece with garland and insert the cards into it like I did at this table here [HERE].

Liz Marie Card Display 1 scaled
chrismtas card display

5. Add a card to your stockings

You can even display holiday cards as ornaments or on stockings. Adhere them with paperclips or paper punch the corners and tie them on your tree with string.

Liz Marie Holiday Card Display 10

Bonus Tip!

Bonus Cozy Tip! Let’s go back to basics and adhere our Christmas Cards onto a Fridge! The Christmas Season is such a small window of fest enjoyment, let’s embrace things not being perfect. Filling your fridge with friends and family to look at every day in your kitchen is such a special reminder of the time of year and how important are loved ones are.

Liz Marie Holiday Card Display 12

For Shop some items To Help Display Holiday Cards, Click the Images below:

For more cozy tips, check out my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons, hitting bookstores on November 23rd and available for preorder now here [HERE]. Looking for more holiday inspiration, decor, and gift guides? Check out more cozy tips here [HERE]. How do you display your Christmas cards? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie


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