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Why a Couch in the Kitchen Can Be a Brilliant Design Idea

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Kitchens are a place of comfort. They’re the experiment lab where your family’s most famous recipes come from, and the place where people gather. So it’s no wonder that a trend is emerging that makes a kitchen feel even more comfortable than before: a spot for a sofa. 

“Kitchens should be full of character and texture — they should be a space where everyone feels completely at ease,” says Helen Parker, the creative director of deVOL Kitchens, whose own kitchen has a sofa (and is pictured here). 

While barstools, dining sets, and even side chairs have appeared in countless kitchens over the years for seating, placing a sofa in a cook space seems like an indulgent but logical next step. If there’s a way to squeeze one in, why wouldn’t you? 

After all, the open-concept trend sought to unite living and dining rooms, ceasing the division between work and pleasure. This made everything from entertaining crowds to supervising kids easier and more casual, so a sofa in a kitchen plays on this sentiment. Perhaps your kitchen couch could be where you catch up with relatives on Thanksgiving while monitoring the oven, or maybe it’s where friends can help themselves to wine. It could just be your preferred spot to scroll as dinner heats up, too. Whatever this sofa is used for, it would encourage you to exhale. 

“A home, and particularly a kitchen, is a refuge from the outside world,” Parker continues.

Now for logistics, because sofas in kitchens are obviously not for everyone. If you have square footage for this item somewhat near your oven and microwave, go for it — no one is saying this trend should be done with a sectional, and even a tiny loveseat counts. If keeping messes at bay are a top concern, choose cushions with a durable fabric (hey, maybe you can bring an outdoor loveseat in). But if comfort is key, then go for luxe curves. Here are five options to choose from:

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