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8 Best Black Bear Mount Ideas ⋆ Bright Stuffs

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Display your trophy with pride and style with these Black Bear Mount Ideas. From floor to wall mount, this list has something for everyone.

Looking to showcase your latest hunting achievement in a unique and classy way? Explore this list of some exciting Black Bear Mount Ideas that turn your hunting trophy into an impressive piece of home decor.

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Black Bear Mount Ideas

1. Paper Mache Black Bear Head Faux Trophy Mount Sculpture

Black Bear Mount Ideas 1

If you’re not a fan of hunting, you can still appreciate the natural beauty of a black bear with this paper mache head sculpture. It’s an excellent way to boost the aesthetic appeal of any wall without causing harm to wildlife.

2. Black Bear Shoulder Pedestal Mount

Black Bear Mount Ideas 2

The black bear shoulder mount is a classic and visually stunning display choice. It features the bear’s head and shoulders emerging from a beautifully crafted wooden base. Furthermore, this mount mimics a bear’s habitat by showcasing plants and a wooden log.

3. Black Bear Backpack Mount

Black Bear Mount Ideas 3

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind black bear mount? Look no further and check out this video tutorial for more info. It’s one of the most fantastic black bear mount ideas on this list.

4. DIY Archery Bear Rug Mount

Black Bear Mount Ideas 4

Suspended from a bow, this black bear rug is more than decor – it’s an adventure hung on your wall. This project is the perfect blend of rustic appeal and thrilling storytelling. Watch this video tutorial for the details.

5. Grizzly & Black Bear Fighting Life Size Taxidermy Mount

Black Bear Mount Ideas 5

This breathtaking floor mount showcases an intense encounter between two majestic creatures – a grizzly and a black bear. It’s a captivating centerpiece that brings the beauty and drama of the natural world right into your space.

6. Life Size (Full Body) Black Bear Taxidermy Mount

Full Body Black Bear Mount

Make a bold statement in your living space, trophy room, or rustic cabin with this life-size black bear taxidermy mount. This captivating display features a bear mounted on a floor base decorated with branches and rocks, perfectly mimicking its natural habitat.

7. Black Bear Head Mount

Black Bear Mount Ideas 6

Another black bear mount idea for those who don’t enjoy or support hunting. This bear head sculpture is made up of oak and brass. Take inspiration from this amazing video tutorial.

8. Black Bear Skull European Mount

Black Bear Skull Mount

This exquisite wall display features a stunning wooden plaque and a black bear skull. It’s made out of wood adorned with natural bark, engraved bear tracks, and an elegant bear motif. This plaque has an angled plate design that lets you showcase your prized black bear skull trophy.


Precautions to Consider

Mounting a black bear, like any wildlife trophy, requires careful consideration and adherence to ethical practices, local laws, and safety measures. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Legal Requirements: First and foremost, make sure that your hunting, possession, and display of a black bear trophy are legal in your area. Laws regarding wildlife trophies vary widely, both between and within countries.
  • Positioning and Display: Think about how and where you’ll display the mount before it’s made. Make sure it’s in a place where it won’t be accidentally damaged or be a danger to others.
  • Maintenance and Care: Bear mounts need regular cleaning and maintenance. This includes dusting and occasional professional cleaning, depending on the environment where the mount is displayed. The mount should be kept away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can fade the colors and weaken the fur.
  • Environmental Impact: Keep in mind the environmental impact of trophy hunting. Overhunting can lead to population decline.
  • Public Perception: Consider how the mount will be perceived by guests or visitors. Some people may find trophy mounts off-putting or distasteful. If you’re sensitive to the opinions of others, you may want to choose a less conspicuous display location.
  • Mount Style: There are different ways a bear can be mounted – full body, rug, head/shoulder, etc. The type of mount you choose depends on the size and quality of the specimen, the space you have available, and your personal taste.
  • Preparation: If you’re hunting and plan to have the bear mounted, take steps to preserve the specimen until you can get it to a taxidermist. This includes proper field dressing, cooling the hide, and keeping it clean and dry.

Black Bear Mount Ideas: FAQs

1. How to Mount a Black Bear?

Mounting a black bear involves several key steps to ensure a successful display. Begin by carefully skinning and fleshing the bear, preserving the hide for later use. Next, remove the skull by carefully separating it from the spine. Clean the skull thoroughly, removing all tissue and brain matter. Optionally, bleach or degrease the skull to achieve the desired color. Once the skull is prepared, it can be mounted on a European mount plaque or a full-body taxidermy mount.

2. How to Skin a Bear for a Full Body Mount?

To skin a bear for a full body mount, start by making a horizontal cut from the base of the skull to the tailbone. Carefully separate the skin from the underlying tissue, using a sharp knife to detach muscles and connective tissue. As you progress, be cautious around areas like the face, paws, and ears to preserve their natural features. Gradually peel the skin down the body, keeping it intact and avoiding excessive stretching or tearing. Once the skin is fully removed, clean and preserve it with a mixture of salt and borax. Properly bag and freeze the skin until it can be taken to a taxidermist for the full body mount process.

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