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28 Clever Handbag Storage Ideas ⋆ Bright Stuffs

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Say goodbye to clutter! Find out the list of some creative Handbag Storage Ideas that’ll turn your living space into a neat haven!

Are you running out of space to store your prized handbags? This article has got you covered! Discover a list of some creative Handbag Storage Ideas that will not only declutter your wardrobe but also elevate your room’s aesthetics.

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Handbag Storage Ideas

1. Store Handbags on Top Closet Shelf

Do you have an empty space on the top of your closet? Make the most out of that unused space by storing handbags. That makes everyday retrieval easier.

2. Choose Transparent Magazine Holder


Corral your never-ending purse collection in clear magazine holders for easy access and a visually appealing display. Read more about one of the best handbag storage ideas in this article.

3. Shower Curtain Hooks Handbag Organizer


You only need a couple of shower hooks and a rod to store your handbags in an entryway closet. It’s easy, inexpensive, and does the job without taking up shelf space in an entryway closet.

4. Empty Box Handbag Organizer

When you have bags that you only whip out for special occasions, keeping them organized within storage boxes is a nice option.

5. Handbag Organizer in a Lid Rack

A trendy spin on a kitchen product, this lid rack clutch organizer keeps your purses well-contained while providing an aesthetic visual of your items. Here’s the DIY.

6. Organize Purses on Wooden Hooks

Install wooden hooks on empty walls, converting them into a functional storage space to keep your handbags within easy reach. You only need wood, cutting tools, and woodworking skills for this project.

7. DIY Handbag Purse Organizer Using Carry Bag no Sew in 2 Minutes

In this video, you will learn how to make a handbag organizer quickly using a simple carry bag at home. The best part is that no sewing is needed.

8. DIY Hanging Handbag Organizer

A clear purse organizer keeps clutches and small handbags neatly arranged while occupying little closet space. Plus, you can store this arrangement on the back of your closet door. Here’s the DIY.

10. Handbag Organizer Shelf

Do you have an old bookshelf? If yes, turn it into cheap and easy handbag storage and organizing solution Details are here.

11. Over The Door Hanging Handbag Organizer Shelf

Don’t fret over the lack of shelf space in your closet. Use the overhead area of the front door to build a shelf and store your handbags instead. This DIY has the instructions.

12. Use S-Hooks for Handbags

These are a great way to utilize rod space in a closet. Attach hooks to the rod and hang bags by their straps.

13. Wine Rack Handbag Organizer

Rather than throwing out your old wine rack, give it a new purpose by converting it into a handbag storage station. It’s the perfect holder that keeps your clutches handy and offers easy accessibility.

14. Repurpose a Coatrack

If you have a less-spacious closet with a never-ending collection of handbags, repurposing a coat rack seems to be the next best thing.

15. DIY Wooden Tree Handbag Organizer


Why stash your trendy handbags inside the dark corners of your wardrobe when you can display them on the wall using scrap pieces of wood?

16. Door Handbag Organizer

Door Handbag Organizer

Don’t have extra space in your wardrobe? Simply attach some door hooks on the door and say goodbye to your handbag storage woes.

17. Acrylic Clutch Holder DIY

Bending acrylic sheets into clutch holders is an excellent way to convert empty wall space into modern storage. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.

18. Cubby Handbag Organizer

You only need a cubby to neatly store your handbags collection. It give you easy accessbility and ease of storage.

19. DIY Closet Handbag Organizer With Glass Partition

For those of you with ample shelf space, using file dividers to keep individual handbags upright and protected is a great option.

20. BookCase Handbag Organizer

A gold-plated bookcase complements the delicate metallic accents of bling handbags, making it a great choice for showing off your collection.

21. Baskets and Bins

Store bags in baskets and bins, which can be stacked or placed on shelves. They add a neat and tidy look. This idea is great for less-spacious homes.

22. Try Old Ladder

Use an old wooden ladder to hang your handbags. It’s a great way to utilize old stuff and add a vintage touch to your decor.

23. Under the Bed Storage

Use flat bins that slide under the bed to store off-season or infrequently used handbags. It’s one of the most frugal handbag storage ideas.

24. Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets from the ceiling or wall can free up floor space while adding a nice aesthetic to your room. Ensure they’re sturdy enough to hold the weight of your handbags.

25. Use Empty Suitcases

If you have unused luggage lying around, use it to store off-season or rarely used handbags. This idea is for you if you’re looking for a simple and almost free storage idea.

26. Antique Armoire

An old armoire or cabinet can be repurposed into a stylish handbag storage area. You can also paint the armoire for an added appeal and drama.

27. Hat Stand

All you need is a hat stand to keep your handbags in order. The best part about this hack is that it’s portable and consumes less-space.

28. Use Umbrella Stand

For larger bags and totes, an umbrella stand can provide a great storage solution. Keep this setup in the entryway to avoid cluttering your closet or wardrobe.

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