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19 Clever Colored Pencil Storage Ideas ⋆ Bright Stuffs

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Is your desk a colorful mess? Streamline it with these amazing Colored Pencil Storage Ideas that are practical and stylish!

Are you an artist struggling to keep your workspace tidy? Your colored pencils deserve a home where they’re easy to find and access. This guide on Colored Pencil Storage Ideas will transform your cluttered space into an artist’s haven.

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Colored Pencil Storage Ideas

1. Mason Jars

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 1

A classic yet chic way to store colored pencils is to use mason jars. Simply separate your pencils by color or type and place them in jars. They’re easily accessible, and the transparent glass makes locating the color you need effortless.

2. Shoebox and Cardboard Tube Organizer

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 2

Repurpose an old shoebox by dividing it into compartments using cardboard tubes. Decorate the box and start organizing your colored pencils collection. It’s a budget-friendly and space-efficient solution for your art supplies.

3. Zipper Colored Pencil Storage Case

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 3

A zipper case is a straightforward, easy-to-use storage solution that offers portability. Ideal for artists who are always on the move, these cases come with padded slots that provide additional protection for your colored pencils. In the list of colored pencil storage ideas, this one is easy to implement.

4. Pegboard Display

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 4

A pegboard display serves dual functions: storage and aesthetic appeal. By mounting a pegboard on your wall and adding cups using hooks, you can create a visual masterpiece that also keeps your colored pencils within arm’s reach.

5. Tp Roll Pencil Holder

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 5

Repurposing empty toilet paper rolls as pencil holders is eco-friendly and incredibly cost-effective. This DIY project offers a simple, straightforward way to keep your art supplies organized without spending much. Simply follow this tutorial to create a super cheap yet functional storage solution.

6. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer


Use an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets to store your colored pencils. It’s particularly useful for those with limited desk or drawer space, leveraging vertical space efficiently. Among the various colored pencil storage ideas, this one is simple and affordable.

7. Magazine Holder

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 6

An upright magazine holder can easily store numerous colored pencils without taking up much space. It’s an excellent choice for smaller work areas and can be placed conveniently beside your workspace.

8. Lazy Susan Colored Pencils Storage Idea

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 7

Place small cups or metal tins on a Lazy Susan and organize your pencils by color. A quick spin will bring the color you need right to your fingertips. Learn how to complete this project here.

9. Pencil Roll

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 8

A pencil roll provides a compact yet organized way to store your colored pencils. Sew a pencil roll or purchase one to store your colored pencils neatly. This is an ideal solution for artists on the go, as it rolls up neatly for easy transport and keeps your pencils secure and organized.

10. Tackle Box

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 9

Originally designed for fishing gear, a tackle box’s multiple compartments make it an excellent storage solution for colored pencils. Its portability and small size are added advantages for those who require mobility in their artistic endeavors.

11. Wooden Crates

Colored Pencil Storage Ideas 10

Wooden crates provide a rustic touch to your storage solutions. By incorporating tin cans into the crate, you can keep your colored pencils sorted while adding a vintage charm to your workspace.

12. Corkboard and Pins

Corkboard and Pins

This dynamic, wall-mounted storage solution utilizes a corkboard and pins to hang a metal mesh pencil holder. It offers an interactive way to store and display your colored pencils creatively.

13. Transparent Plastic Boxes

Transparent Plastic Boxes

Easy to source and affordable, transparent plastic boxes can be stacked or slotted into drawers, offering a versatile storage solution. They’re especially good for those with a larger collection of colored pencils.

14. Wooden Spinning Organizer

Spinning Organizer

Purchase a spinning desk organizer to keep your pencils within reach. The rotating feature provides quick and easy access to your art supplies. It’s a functional and stylish addition to any workspace.

15. Vintage Tins

Vintage Tins

Using vintage tins for storage adds a nostalgic aesthetic to your workspace. These tins are also stackable, allowing you to maximize desk space while maintaining a distinct style.

16. PVC Pipe Sections

PVC Pipe Sections

By cutting PVC pipes into small sections and mounting them on a board or wall, you can create individual compartments for each set of colored pencils. This DIY project offers a modular approach to storage.

17. Small Metal Mesh Pencil Holder

Small Metal Mesh Pencil Holder

Compact and durable, a small metal mesh pencil holder can be wall-mounted or desk-placed. It’s a versatile option that fits into various workspace styles while ensuring good visibility of your colored pencils.

18. Wooden Colored Pencils Holder

Wooden Colored Pencils Holder

Drilling holes into a wooden log gives you a nature-inspired pencil holder that stands out. This idea adds an earthy touch to your artistic corner and is a conversation starter. Among the colored pencil storage ideas, this one is quite unique.

19. Slatwall System

Slatwall System

A Slatwall system is an expandable storage option, enabling you to add hooks, bins, and other accessories as your collection grows. It offers flexibility and modularity, making it a long-term solution for ever-expanding art supplies.

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