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8 Tile Trends Designers Can’t Wait to See in 2023

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Whether they are used on floors, backsplashes, shower stalls, or fireplaces, tile can add instant personality and style to a space. Where in previous years, tile design was confined to cookie-cutter shapes in monochromatic tones of washed-out white and grey, in 2023 experts predict that homeowners will be looking to experiment with new and bolder tile styles. Like other trends in home design, organic shapes, high texture, bold patterns, and statement pieces are all set to be big in the new year. Here are 8 tile trends designers can’t wait to see in 2023. 

Handmade Tile 

Handmade tiles shot to fame back in 2019 with the zellige tile craze, and there’s no evidence of this trend slowing down anytime soon. “The kitchen backsplash and tile trends for 2023 are handmade and natural elements,” says Lyndsey Moore, Principal Designer at The Lynden Lane Co. No two handmade tiles are the same and this results in an organic and artisanal look that’s both comforting and inviting.

Sarah Barnard, owner and principal designer at Sarah Barnard Design LLC agrees, stating that handmade tiles “have a more personalized look that celebrates the craftsmanship and process of tile making.” The natural variations in color and texture instantly add dimension to any space.

Stetten Wilson for The Lynden Lane Co.

High Gloss 

High gloss tiles are a great way to make a space feel brighter as they naturally reflect light. Barnard predicts that we will see lots of homeowners opting for high-shine finishes to help create warm, illuminating effects in kitchens and bathrooms alike. “Metallic tones or metal accents in tile can also bounce light for a decorative shimmer that can feel special and beautiful in the home space,” Barnard adds. 

Decorative Patterns & Mosaics 

Bold colors and patterns are trending in home design right now and Barnard says we’ll see this trend cross into tile design as well. “Decorative tile can look illustrative, turning a wall into a work of art. Patterned tile can become a visual focal point, while more neutral colors can keep the tile from becoming busy or overpowering,” she says. If you don’t want to commit to an entire wall, choose a small accent wall to feature a decorative print or mosaic and use a simple tile in a complementary color or shape in the remaining space.

Interior Impressions

Natural Stone

Biophilic design has been huge over the past couple of years and it’s not set to go out of style anytime soon. When it comes to tile trends, experts agree that homeowners will continue to favor natural stone tiles made from materials like granite, slate, marble, travertine, and limestone. Not only are these tiles timeless and sophisticated, but they are durable and easy to maintain as well. 

Textured Tile 

Textured and three-dimensional tile, sometimes called tactile tile, is also set to be big in 2023. “Textured, decorative tile can create a sculptural effect for visually dramatic and striking walls,” says Barnard. It’s an easy way to add some visual interest and depth to a room without going wild with colors or patterns if that’s not your thing. Plus, there are lots of different textures to choose from. Organic and ‘perfectly imperfect’ handcrafted tiles have been popular as already mentioned, but geometric and metallic designs are also trending.

Steven Dewall for Sarah Barnard Design

Monochromatic Checkerboard Patterns

High-contrast checkerboard tiles are a timeless choice, but Stephanie Agne, founder and principal designer at Golden & Pine says that she’s looking forward to a more muted and monochromatic take on this classic pattern in 2023. “Black and white is classic but how great could a really subtle contrast be?” she says. For those who like to stick to neutral palettes but still want to try something new and different, this up-and-coming trend is a fun one to try out.

Statement Backsplashes 

Moore says that statement backsplashes are set to be a big trend in 2023. While kitchens are traditionally designed around cabinetry or countertops, she says that we can expect to see more and more kitchens being centered around the statement of the backsplash. “We are seeing super dramatic statement pieces for kitchen backsplashes. The antithesis of subway tile is about to have a moment. Keep an eye on stones like Breche Fantastique from the stone house Antolini,” says Moore.

Stetten Wilson for The Lynden Lane Co.

Unique Shapes

As homeowners continue to embrace bold design choices, interior designer Katie Simpson at Mackenzie Collier Interiors predicts that tiles in unique shapes will be all the rage in 2023. “Instead of selecting a classic rectangle tile, I see more people leaning towards funky forms,” she says. She points to Fireclay’s Chaine Homme Tile and WoW Design’s Aquarelle O pill-shaped tiles as examples of unique tile shapes we can expect to be popular in the New Year. 

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