Home decorating The 13 Biggest Home Decor Trends We’ve Seen So Far in 2023

The 13 Biggest Home Decor Trends We’ve Seen So Far in 2023

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13. Barbicore

In the wake of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, 2023 has been all about rethinking pink in fashion, beauty, and even the home. This shade had waned in popularity for a bit, with millennial pink giving way to shades like Gen Z yellow, pale terracottas, sage greens, and lavenders over the past few years. The interest in Barbiecore, however, reignited plenty of people’s passion for pink, and if you’ve been partial to this shade from the get-go, the design duo of Maria Brasil Arquitetura thinks now’s the time to embrace it in the home.

Hue and tone are key for longevity, though, when it comes to pink; that may mean selecting blush over, say, pepto pink or neon raspberry (unless bold, saturated colors truly speak to you). “One of the reasons this kitchen is timeless is the harmonious, pleasant, cozy, creative, and charming tone combined with the classic language of Ornare’s Paris line in shades of light pink that refers to past styles with contemporary reinterpretation,” says Maria Brasil Arquitetura of the cook space shown here. 

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